As a self-confessed creative procrastinator, I spend way too much time thinking about patterns and textures. My art reflects my love of colour and of Australia, telling a contemporary fun story of its urban and rural landscapes. Many of my pictures have found a home in Saltbush Kitchen - bringing a quirky style to our product packaging and labelling.
Stay tuned ... some of our gallery items will appear in our online store soon.  And to all you creative procrastinators out there - keep it up!  Get distracted and get creating - the world needs you x Brigid
Wattle Couture
The Gum Lady & Her Regent Bower Bird
Wattle In Style
Native Grasses
Cowboy Jimbo
Saltbush Sista
Navigator Rise
Festive Saltbush
Hello Cowboy
Bush Dance
Ballarat Streets
Art Gallery Of Ballarat
Ballarat Trash  Treasure
Camp Street Ballarat
Liberty London
Melbourne Vibe
Sculture Walk Ballarat
Saltbush Goes Chanel
Saint Ann