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Pepperberry Salt Rectangle

What smacks your tastebuds and says you’re in Australia? 

I set myself a task to solve this very question and now, a few years on, I have finally bottled the answer…
Pepperberry Salt. Or as I call it The Good Salt, for the centre of every Australian table. Made with Australian native Pepperberry & 100% Australian salt flakes.

“Why is it good???!” I hear you all yelling at your screen. Well, for a number of reasons…

Of the flavour. It is so good to taste. Pepperberry is the fruit off the native Mountain Pepper tree (Tasmannia lanceolata) when dried the berry is aromatic and has a spicy slightly sweet flavour. The pepperberry infuses the salt beautifully. The way this salt extracts and enhances the flavour of your dish is just so good!!

It’s Australian. Truly Australian.  The goodness of this salt goes beyond its flavour. 
Pepperberry is an Australian bushfood used over thousands of years by Australian Indigenous communities. And these communities are the heroes who discovered, experimented and cultivated this amazing plant, using it both for flavour and medicinal purposes, and enabling us all to devour and enjoy it today.

It's made with pepperberry, an Australian native food that’s the best damn pepper in the world AND is also good for you. It is high in antioxidants and contains vitamin E, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

It’s fashionable darling. Have you noticed how on trend purple is??? As we hit 2018 shades of purple are hitting the runway. The Good news?? Pepperberry is the most gorgeous shade of deep purple, it will leave your food looking good as well as tasting good.

It's easy.  It is such an easy way to introduce bushfoods to your table. Here are 4 easy ways we love The Good Salt.

• On our breakfast eggs – so good!
• On our BBQ Steak. Season before it hits the BBQ – so good!
• On our Spuds, and any veg. – so good!
• On our Pineapple, seriously, try a little on fresh ripe pineapple – so good!

The Good Salt is designed to be placed at the centre of your Australian table. To be enjoyed and to prompt conversation - to get this nation talking about bushfoods, the positive influence of Indigenous Australia on our contemporary nation, and the real heroes who began this epic Australian food story. 

Get The Good Salt onto your table.

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The Bee Eater

After floating through a sea of champagne during the festive season the time has come . . . it's mocktail time!!

I'm sure there's many peeps humming the same booze free tune, BUT, I'm determined not to suffer with tap water and earl-grey tea.
So, last week my sis and I took over my Dad's kitchen to concoct the 'Ultimate Bushfood Mocktail'. It was quite a new experience to have an afternoon of drink mixing and be able to drive home. We splashed bushfood syrups all over the table, adding fruit, mixers & herbs.
And the clear winner was this one ... made with our roasted wattleseed syrup. In the tradition of naming my drinks after Australian birds this baby is called The Bee Eater, it's sweet, it's tart, it's refreshing ... It's delicious ...ENJOY!!!!!


You'll need a tumbler glass packed with ice, with a decent sprig of fresh mint.
In a cocktail shaker add:

1/2 cup apricot nectar
2 TBSP Saltbush Kitchen roasted wattleseed syrup
The juice if half a lime.

Shake to combine well. Pour over ice and mint and garnish with the remaining half lime.


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Forget food for a moment and lets focus on drinks!  They are such a big part of Christmas & New Year celebrations. We've happlily spent some time concocting recipes, using our Saltbush Kitchen syrups, so you can bring bushfoods to your glass and impress all your family and friends.  

We've got you covered with booze and no-booze options. And we apologise in advance because you're about to become a bushfood addict..... Sorry and happy Christmas x .... 

For no-booze refreshing cold drinks try our Strawberry Gum & Coconut Punch and our Wattleseed Summer Soda if you fancy a tipple we have included some suggestions.  And for those wanting to get the party started you can't go past our fabulous cocktails, named after Australian native birds, with strawberry gum The Lady Bower Bird & with roasted wattleseed The Golden Whistler 

Happy Christmas folks enjoy your bushfood adventure!


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Saltbush kitchen tatziki blog

At our last spice class in November I met Erin, a cool Canadian who is addicted to bushfoods.  We bonded over Australian flavours and our love for Justin Trudeau ... actually maybe that was my love for Justin.  I get such a kick out of sharing Australian bushfood flavours with people and it totallly rocks my socks when they become addicted and set off on their own bushfood adventure.  So I'm sharing this recipe with you, one of Erin's favourites, from our spice class.  It's simple to prepare and so delicious and one day I hope to see Justin Trudeau eating a big bowl of it (at my house).  Enjoy on chicken & lamb (see our other recipes) and on vegie salads. 


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saltbush kitchen cocktail wattleseed blog

My friend Jim is an epic traveler and impressive cocktail maker. The Golden Whistler is our new wattleseed cocktail that I have dedicated to Jim. For me, this cocktail reminds me of Jim's epic adventures. It's a refreshing, slightly sour, tipple with a sweet ending.

This year Jim traveled to mainland China for a wedding and stopped off in Hong Kong for the bucks-party, as you do. Upon landing in Hong Kong Typhoon Hato hit. Stranded, and in distress, Jim was saved by the best looking bloke in Hong Kong - a Parisian babe who also happened to be the head of Dior in Hong Kong. For 3 days Jim hunkered down with his Dior babe. He was lavished with delicious cologne, high quality cotton and got all the inside goss' on French fashion.

Dressed to impress Jim flew into mainland China. With a few days to kill before the wedding Jim went on a solo hike in western China. After 5 days of walking Jim realized he was lost. Somehow, the google map he printed off at his office in Sydney didn't reflect the terrain. He set up camp and waited. The following dawn he was arrested. The Chinese border police were suspicious of the random, well dressed, white dude camping out alone on the Pakistan border.  The police drove him to a nearby village and questioned him for 12 hours. As it happens Jim speaks Chinese, and he managed to sweet talk his way out of the situation. In the end, one of the policeman plied him with beer and drove him to the wedding. Classic Jim.

Enjoy The Golden Whistler this summer and give a little salute to Jim.



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Saltbush Kitchen Salad Dressing

In 2008 my sister Emma was given salad duties for Christmas lunch. She provided a forgettable contribution including a carrot and raison salad. As we sat down to lunch another sister, Siobhan, tucked into the salad and announced how nice it was - that the dressing kind of reminded her of fly spray.
Since this day salads have always been a contentious issue at family gatherings. In memory of the salad wars I'm pleased to share with you my Strawberry Gum salad dressing recipe - it's a hit every-time and is well received by ALL family members.  My fave way to use this dressing is on a simple salad of roquette, ripe tomato, Meredith goats cheese and a little red onion.  For an additional Australian punch, I add fresh rivermint and season with pepperberry salt.


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Pepperberry & Rivermint Lamb

 SaltbushKitchen Pepperberry Roast Lamb

4 years ago, I introduced my family to Australian native pepperberry and for the first time they told me they loved me.

Pepperberry is the berry from the Mountain Pepper tree, indigenous to Tasmania. It’s one of the easiest bushfoods to introduce to your table, pepperberry is the perfect substitute for black pepper.

Here’s my favourite recipe for a lamb roast using pepperberry. You’re welcome.

Peppermint & Rivermint Lamb Roast Recipe  

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SaltbushKitchen Bushfoods Class

Bring Australian Bushfood into your home

On Sunday November 26th, 11:30am to 2pm, we are offering you the opportunity to join the bushfood adventure!

11:30am to 1:30 Spice Class
1:30pm to 2pm How to grow a Bushfood garden workshop

Learn about the variety of Australian bushfoods and how to use them in your own kitchen. Our bushfood spice class will be followed by a workshop with Andrew Aitkin, of Buninyong Bushfoods, on how to grow your own bushfood garden.

In our bushfood class we discover flavours such as wattleseed, lemon myrtle, muntrie berries, rivermint and more. The session is relaxed and conversational. As we roam through the flavours of Australia you learn how to use the flavours in your cooking and I share recipes and methods on how to use them.

The class is not officially a lunch, but we do eat quite a bit, so I recommend having an empty belly when you arrive. I can accommodate your dietary needs, please make note of them when you book your class. Andrew, from Buninyong Bushfoods, will have bushfood plants available for sale on the day. The class fee includes your bushfood class, bushfood garden workshop and I also provide a couple of bushfood spices for you to start your own cooking adventure. Classes are now held at the lovely little cottage at rear of the Buninyong Botanical Gardens, we will provide a map when you book.

See you in Buninyong! I’ll have the wattleseed on ice.

Buy Bushfood Classes

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Eat Your Landscape

Saltbush Kitchen has released two new gift packs for Christmas. We have designed each pack to bring the flavours of the Australian landscape into your kitchen. It’s the perfect gift for your favourite cook, chef & foodie.


Bushfoods for your kitchen & cocktails

Saltbush Kitchen Syrup Pack

Bring the Australian landscape into your kitchen with this unique collection of bushfood culinary syrups. This pack is an ideal gift for your favourite foodie person who loves a cocktail, to cook & to create. Each pack includes Roasted Wattleseed Syrup, Strawberry Gum Syrup and 4 Saltbush Kitchen recipes all wrapped up in a gorgeous gift box.


Roasted Wattleseed

From the Australian native Acacia victoriae tree, is rich in character with flavour notes of coffee, hazelnuts & caramel. The perfect Australian substitute for maple syrup.

Strawberry Gum 

From the Australian native Eucalyptis Olida, is fruity in character with flavour notes of strawberry and passion-fruit with hints of Australian Eucalyptus.
All our products have a long shelf life, if you’re purchasing for Christmas simply keep your gift pack stored in a cook dry place.

Buy Saltbush Kitchen Syrup Gift Pack


Bushfoods for your kitchen

Saltbushkitchen Spice Pack

The Australian landscape offers some of the most beautiful flavours on earth. This collection is a sample of the abundance of Australian native foods available, designed to complement both home and industry kitchens. This pack is the perfect gift for your favourite cook, chef & foodie. 

Each pack includes saltbush, pepperberry salt, lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper & wattleseed Spice Mix and helpful hints on how to use them, all wrapped up in a gorgeous gift box.


Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia)
A salty spice with low sodium content, a great substitute for salt and seasoning.

Pepperberry Salt (Tasmannia Lanceolata)
Slightly sweet aromatic and flavoursome pepper with a hot kick, mixed with Australian salt flakes.

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia Citriodora)
An intense lemon flavour &aroma – think lemon without the acidity.

Aniseed Myrtle (Syzygium Anisata)
This spice offers a delicate aniseed flavour. It has a stronger aroma than taste so is perfect
for infusing and marinating.

Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia Lanceolata)
Mountain pepper offers a unique pepper flavour with a slight lemon element.

Wattleseed Spice Mix (Acacia victoriae, Tasmannia Lanceolata, Backhousia Citriodora)
This spice combination is ultimate Australian spice mix! A blend of roasted wattleseed, lemon myrtle, pepperberry & salt flakes.
All our products have a long shelf life, if you’re purchasing for Christmas simply keep your gift pack stored in a cook dry place.

Buy Saltbush Kitchen Spice Gift Pack

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Saltbush Kitchen Bushfood Adventure!

I'm excited to announce the next chapter of the Saltbush Kitchen Bushfood adventure! Sign up to our newsletter or all the deets. We are moving out of MADE Ballarat and heading into the outdoors to markets and festivals to spread the Bushfood love with our Saltbush Kitchen sodas and products! We have our growing online store and will continue to offer specialty bushfood classes and consulting with other food peeps looking to use bushfoods in their cafes and restaurants. 

Can't wait for the next chapter and want to give a big shout out to all you lovely peeps who have devoured our Bushfood offerings over the past 3 years at MADE - get your Wattle on and let's get going!  

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