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My friend Jim is an epic traveler and impressive cocktail maker. The Golden Whistler is our new wattleseed cocktail that I have dedicated to Jim. For me, this cocktail reminds me of Jim's epic adventures. It's a refreshing, slightly sour, tipple with a sweet ending.

This year Jim traveled to mainland China for a wedding and stopped off in Hong Kong for the bucks-party, as you do. Upon landing in Hong Kong Typhoon Hato hit. Stranded, and in distress, Jim was saved by the best looking bloke in Hong Kong - a Parisian babe who also happened to be the head of Dior in Hong Kong. For 3 days Jim hunkered down with his Dior babe. He was lavished with delicious cologne, high quality cotton and got all the inside goss' on French fashion.

Dressed to impress Jim flew into mainland China. With a few days to kill before the wedding Jim went on a solo hike in western China. After 5 days of walking Jim realized he was lost. Somehow, the google map he printed off at his office in Sydney didn't reflect the terrain. He set up camp and waited. The following dawn he was arrested. The Chinese border police were suspicious of the random, well dressed, white dude camping out alone on the Pakistan border.  The police drove him to a nearby village and questioned him for 12 hours. As it happens Jim speaks Chinese, and he managed to sweet talk his way out of the situation. In the end, one of the policeman plied him with beer and drove him to the wedding. Classic Jim.

Enjoy The Golden Whistler this summer and give a little salute to Jim.



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