SBK Spice Classes

Did you know wattleseed has more protein than chicken & pork. For thousands of years wattleseed was a nutritious staple addition to the Indigenous Australian diet. Today wattleseed is more commonly used for its flavour – bringing a rich coffee/nutty flavour to food and drinks including our delicious wattleseed soda.

Join Brigid to explore the amazing range of Australian bushfoods and learn how to use them in your own kitchen. Together we sample a range of herbs, spices, fresh herbs & fruits and taste them in a range of dishes. Brigid will share recipes from Saltbush Kitchen and demonstrate easy ways to substitute bushfood flavours into your cooking.

An example of flavours you will discover …. roasted wattleseed, rivermint, strawberry gum, aniseed myrtle, muntrie berries and many more.  In addition to your class you receive a little gift pack to start you on your own bushfood adventure.


I thoroughly recommend the Saltbush Kitchen spice class. I learnt so much from Brigid this afternoon. 


A visit to the Saltbush Kitchen was a positive experience for my Unit 1 Food Studies class. The experience provided students with an insight into Indigenous flavourings and ingredients and the methods used to collect food. Students were also provided with a hands on experience as they were exposed to examples of Indigenous flavourings and were challenged to consider ways in which to incorporate these into modern day cuisine. Being able to taste examples of foods that use these unique ingredients was the culmination of this activity. The experience was engaging and complimented class room teaching in a hands on and engaging way. Thank you Brigid.

Thea Mooney Loreto College

 …. Firstly, the labnah is DIVINE. I absolutely love it.  Thanks you for the tips and tricks, its so perfect!



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