Meet The Gang

A Story Told Through Food & Art
Our story unfolds in the in the epic landscapes of Australia to a sountrack of magpies & galahs and a feast of flavours from the bush. 
We dive into new adventures and have outrageous fun along the way. We meet new friends, explore the land and honour ancient ways. 
We lap up the sun, get blown by the winds and follow the scentof our favourite silver wattle. 
Our story reveals a little bit of magic every day and we so look forward to meeting you along the way.

Chenille Honey-Myrtle
The Feast Queen

Lives: Garibaldi
Type of Cook: The Feast Queen
Fave flavour:
The Urban Rub
Fave movie:
Muriel’s Wedding
Social Worker

Meet Chenille...

“I’m famous for cooking more than I need, the feeder of the 5000! The last Friday of every month you’ll find me at the Gari Hall with 20 chooks roasting, spuds in the oven and gravy bubbling away. All the locals are welcome and sometimes we have over 40 people dropping by.

There’s nothing I love more than people heading home with a full belly and an esky of leftovers. I don’t mind being known as - Chenille Honey Myrtle, the chick who cooks too much - that’s just who I am!”

The Party Starter Pack

This tasty feast pack is the perfect starter pack for every cook & includes 6 unique Australian bushfood salts & spice rubs, including Chenille's favourite - The Urban Rub.

Heath Banksia
The Pitmaster

Lives: Lal Lal
Type of Cook: BBQ'r
Fave flavour:
The Bush Rub
Fave movie:

Meet Heath...

“I suppose my greatest love is the bush. There is just something about it that grounds ya. After working all week, the phone attached to me ear and driving around the countryside, there is nothing better than escaping to the bush. All ya need is ya campfire, ya billy, ya dog, a prime T-bone and some spuds.

You take ya shoes off, feel the earth between your toes and breath in the sounds and smell of the bush. Some people go to yoga, some people go to the pub, all I need is me swag and a night in the bush under the stars.“

The BBQ Pack

For the BBQ legend! Turn the heat up with this collection of salts & spice rubs that will add some real tasty Australian flare to any grill-a-thon.

Pixie Bush
The Feisty One

Lives: Scotchman's Lead
Type of Cook: Vegetarian Queen
Fave flavour:
Mountain Pepper
Fave movie: T
he Sapphires
Primary School Teacher

Meet Pixie...

“My motto is - If you want something, don’t ask a busy person. I have just been elected the President of the local Boomerang Bag group where we make reusable shopping bags from donated material.

It is so important to recycle and reuse at every opportunity, you’re never too old to start, last week I even made my own steel wool out of onion bags! Earlier in the year I planted my own bushfood garden and I’m hoping that I will have enough native spinach to make plenty of frittata for the annual Landcare Planting Day. We have over 35 volunteers but of course more are welcome!”

The Foodie Pack

The full collection of our salt & spice rub range plus 3 premium bushfood spices. We guarantee this pack will ignite a lot of Australian culinary flare in the kitchen.

Ruby Saltbush
The Audacious Baker

Lives: Buninyong
Type of Cook: Loves Baking
Fave flavour: Lemon Myrtle

Fave movie:
Works at the local Post Office and runs a little baking business

Meet Ruby...

“I don’t have long to chat, I’ve got a cake in the oven... Its CWA Tuesday and cake is on the menu today!

My favourite flavour? Gotta be lemon myrtle! Favourite thing to bake? Mmmm... Oh, how can I choose – I love to bake all sorts of things but if I had to choose one it would have to be my lemon myrtle yoyos, they got me 1st place in the Ballarat show 3 years running, I kid you not!”

The Baker Pack

A special collection of Ruby's go-to Australian ingredients that will take cookies, cakes & desserts to a whole new level.

Scarlet Blaze
The Spice Queen

Lives: Navigators
Type of Cook: The Party Platter Queen
Fave flavour: Pepperberry

Fave movie:
Strictly Ballroom

Meet Scarlet...

“I’m known as the platter queen not the party queen. I love nothing more than styling a space before the guests arrive. I handle the whole concept – from the decorations to the music- and blend it all together with great, easy, Australian grazing food.

A great platter should be full of surprises at every corner and entice you back time and time again for a delicious hit of Australian flavour”

The Bushfood Collection

A collection of 8 Australian native flavours that will take you on a delicious adventure through the Australian landscape. Play, discover & create incredible Australian dishes

Shaggy Dryandra
The Salt Addict

Lives: Meredith
Type of Cook: Salty, savoury & simple
Fave Ingredient: The Campfire Salt
Fave Movie: Breathe
Occupation: Caretaker of the local music festival site

Meet Shaggy...

Known to be seen heading down the highway for a quick surf when not on duty. Shaggy lives on-site as the caretaker of the local music festival. He gets free accommodation (a caravan) while he looks after the place in the off season and then parties hard in the on season. Shaggy lives a simple, satisfying and salty life.

“The most important thing in life is love and the second most important thing is salt … The salt of the waves and the salt on my spuds. You just gotta dive in man … and get salty".
Note: Shaggy is a dealer of many things at the festival including The Campfire Salt.

The Salt Addict Pack

A gift box with Shaggy's favourite salts including The Campfire Salt, The Fancy Salt & The Good Salt plus recipes to get started!

Little Billy Buttons
The Big Hearted Little Chef

Lives: Durham Lead
Age: 8
Type of Cook: Quick, sweet & easy
Fave Ingredient: Wattleseed
Fave Movie: Red Dog
Occupation: Still in school

Meet Lil' Billy...

“I love hanging out with my moody little emu called Myrtle, we live in Durham Lead near my best mate Big Bill (he is 83). Me and Myrtle are always getting into trouble. Like last weekend when Myrtle ran off to Big Bill’s place. I looked for her everywhere – under the veranda and behind the rusty water tanks.

I ended up finding her in Bill’s back shed sipping on his home brew. She was a bit wobbly and Bill was so cranky that he grabbed a big broom and swept her out of the shed! Me and Myrtle chuckled all the way home.”

The Kids Pack

For the little chef with a big appetite. Inspire the chefs of the next generation to love & embrace bushfoods with this selection of delicious Australian flavours.