STRAWBERRY GUM SYRUP (Eucalyptus Olida) 300ml. 

Strawberry gum is a gorgeous Australian native tree - it's gum leaves have a combined flavour of eucalyptus and strawberries.

At Saltbush Kitchen we love our Strawberry Gum Syrup ...

 - To drink with soda with fresh mint.

- To drink in Milkshakes as an truly Australian strawberry milkshake.

- To drink in a tipple with vodka, fresh mint and prosecco.

- To drink in a tipple with gin and a dash of bitters over lots of ice.

- To drizzle over ice-cream and fresh fruit.

- To combine with white wine vinegar and native rivermint to make a delicious salad dressing.

- To combine with butter cream icing to make a delicate delicious icing for cakes.


How do you like your Strawberry Gum Syrup?

Ingredients: strawberry gum spice, pepperberry spice, sugar, water, Australian strawberries.

Made in Australia.


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