Bush Labneh

Labneh is traditionally a Middle Eastern cheese (made from hung yoghurt). It’s simple to make and lends itself so well to Australian native flavours. It does need to hang for 3 days so give yourself enough lead time if making to impress at a party.


    • 1 litre Natural yoghurt, full fat.
    • 2 TSP Salt flakes
    • ½ TBSP Icing sugar


    • 4 TBSP Toasted sesame seeds
    • 1 TSP Saltbush
    • 1 TSP Mountain Pepper
    • 1 TSP Aniseed Myrtle
    • Oil for storage

YOU WILL NEED 2 new chux cloths (or muslin), string, a large container that will fit in your fridge (like a soup pot), a large spoon or ruler.


    • Mix the yoghurt, salt and sugar in a bowl.
    • In a large bowl lay out your chux cloths laying one over the other to form a cross.
    • Tip your yoghurt mix in and pull the cloths ends up and tie with string – to make a pouch (you may need a helper for this). Tie the pouch to the large spoon. Rest the spoon over your large container so the labneh hangs freely.
    • Store in your fridge for 3 days.
    • Mix sesame seeds and spices together in a small bowl. Take your container out of the fridge, tip the liquid out, cut the string and unwrap your labneh pouch.
    • Using your hands take small bundles of labneh and roll into balls.
    • Roll each ball through the spice mix to lightly coat it.
    • I like to store my labneh in oil, it will last a good few weeks. Place balls in a take away container and cover with oil (just like feta), use a light flavoured oil.

Serve up in a dish with crackers and quandong jam, the people will go nuts over it. 

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