Lady Bowerbird Cocktail with Strawberry Gum Syrup

The best cocktail to get your party started and something uniquely Australian to impress at your next get together.

Named in honour of those who love colour and decorate like crazy to attract a lover – this little beauty features the delightful Strawberry Gum which adds a beautiful Australian flare to your cocktail.

Strawberry Gum is an incredible Australian native ingredient. The leaves of the strawberry gum tree are dried & ground, offering the most beautiful aroma and flavour - a combination of strawberry & passion fruit with a hint of eucalyptus.

You'll need to make our Strawberry Gum syrup before you get the cocktail shaker out. Click here for the recipe.



    • In a cocktail shaker add vodka, Strawberry Gum syrup and 2 ice blocks (yes only 2).
    • Shake gently and pour into a champagne glass.
    • Add mint leaf and finish with prosecco.


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